Large-Scale Testing

The AlphaTracker Radon Measurement System is the preferred system for large scale radon testing efforts.  The alpha track testing technology provides many months of device shelf life prior to deployment and the AlphaTracker information management system allows for paperless information management with a minimum amount of data entry.  Our large scale testing customers are provided access to an administrative web portal allowing for simple and accurate management of an entire large-scale testing program.

Benefits of the AlphaTracker system for Large Scale Radon Testing:

  • Batch entry and edit of multiple device details simultaneously
  • Device tracking by district, building, status, manager, etc.
  • Real-time mapping of radon results
  • Customized reports
  • Full Filter/Sort functionality
  • Global search (address, name, city, serial number, etc)
  • Data export to spreadsheet

Do you have a need for a reliable large-scale testing partner?  Contact us anytime at 2042996050 or use the form below:

    AlphaTracker radon measurement system is owned and managed by Radonmatters Incorporated.