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AlphaTracker radon measurement system is owned and managed by Radonmatters Incorporated.

We hope you are keeping as well as possible during this challenging time.  This note is to provide a few updates on our current operations.  As of March 16th, 2020 we reorganized our operations in such a way to ensure the safety and physical distancing of our staff while maintaining good communication, collaboration, and redundancy in our operations.  Overall, the disruption to our operations thus far has been modest.  We will provide some details on a few areas of our operations below.


Returning Test Devices for Laboratory Analysis

Radon test devices being returned for analysis continue to be analyzed and reported on however we expect some modest delays in the time it takes to report results due to some increased transportation lag as well as some reduced staffing levels with our laboratory partner, Radonova.

We presently forward radon test devices to Radonova's Illinois operations which are presently operational albeit at a reduced capacity during state-wide shelter-in-place requirements.  In an effort to help reduce the volume of devices requiring their analysis at this time we suggest people with Alphatracker test devices currently deployed extend the radon test period for up to 1-year (the devices are designed to be deployed for 3-12 months).  We will reach out to you again once our laboratory partner, Radonova, is back at full capacity.  If you have an urgent need to receive your radon results, please feel free to send your device back for analysis anytime.


New Orders for Alphatracker Test Kits

We have been pleasantly surprised by the continued demand for our Alphatracker test kits during this time.  We expect this may be related to people spending more time at home while having our health and well-being top of mind.  We are happy to let you know that we continue to fulfill Alphatracker radon test kit orders without disruption and expect to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  For many people, this may be a good opportunity to test your home for radon.  We suggest people starting a radon test this spring or summer plan to run their test period for up to 1 year in order to capture both summer and winter seasons as there can be seasonal variations of indoor radon levels with summertime radon levels typically, but not always, being lower than in winter.  If for any reason we have a disruption in fulfilling radon test kit orders we will provide full refunds to anyone with unfulfilled orders at that time.


Customer Service Operations

Our customer service levels have not been impacted and at present we can respond to email and telephone inquiries in a timely manner, typically returning all calls and emails the same day or next day.  While we understand that radon may not be your highest priority at this point in time, we remain ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.  We will continue to post updates related to any operational changes right here at alphatracker.ca


We encourage all of our staff, customers, suppliers, family and friends to do their best to keep themselves and their community safe, strong, and healthy during this challenging time.  We will persevere.


The Alphatracker Team

Government of Canada COVID-19 Information